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Welcome to the Veterans Association of North County (VANC), an association of more than 30 different veteran organizations serving over 5,000 members. For the first time in the history of North San Diego County, VANC is establishing a new facility for all veterans and their families — the Veterans Association of North County Resource Center. Join us in honoring the men and women who have protected our freedom by helping VANC complete this important and much needed facility.

Learn how VANC recently helped a veteran find a home and a job by watching this April 25, 2012  interview.

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“A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

For more information contact VANC (760) 722-1277 or via email.



The California Department of Veterans Affairs has denoted a population of 265,000 veterans in San Diego County; approximately 80,000 of those live in north San Diego County. As reported in the San Diego Daily Transcript (November 29, 2007), veterans find it more and more expensive every year to remain in San Diego County. San Diego households generally pay 34% more for consumer goods and services each year than the national average.


The local Disabled American Veterans (DAV) representative serving San Diego’s North County veterans currently provides services out of the trunk of his car, lacking any better venue to meet with his clients – people who have given so much of themselves in service to their nation that they are physically or mentally compromised, sometimes for the rest of their lives. No one understands the nature of this sacrifice more than other veterans, and no one is more capable of redressing the situation.


Through our proposed veterans facility, the DAV is just one of many organizations that will have a home.  VANC will be able to provide all local vets, and the organizations that serve them, with a place to meet, to find support, and to facilitate referrals to community resources to help them not only survive but to thrive in a tough economy. VANC will predominantly serve the North County Area (from north of Solana Beach to north of Poway and everything in between), but will welcome and serve all veterans and their families that visit or contact our facility and organization.